Start Serving Today – 7 Steps

Feb 25, 2019 | Keyser Institute

Selfless service isn’t nice. It’s not a “nice to have” or some kind of cushy, comfortable thought. It’s a way of life, a strategic way to run a business— a way to truly achieve success. I’ve long removed the thought of selfless service being “nice” and you should too. To transform selfless service from just being nice, to a bad-ass business strategy, you have to be consistent in your actions and more importantly, you have to act. Put selfless service ideals into action within your business to experience long term, resounding success.

Now, not everyone’s business is the same and different strategies will have different responses within your business. Do, however, go out of your comfort zone to achieve success with this strategy.  Selfless service strategies can be put into place in any relationship you have, whether that’s with clients, partners, or employees. You have to start somewhere so why not start with these seven ideas?

  1. Clients, Partners, & Employees: No Task is Too Big, or Too Small

Whomever you encounter in life, there’s always going to be something that individual struggles with. The roadblock for most companies is, if the problem doesn’t directly relate with their business, they assume there is nothing they can do to help. To truly serve a company and invest in them, you need to do anything and everything in your power to help them achieve success—and I mean anything. Go above and beyond your normal services, even if the problems don’t relate with your business. If your client is having a hard time finding someone to care for their dog while on vacation, volunteer to pet-sit for them. A little bit of extra care can go a long way when it comes to client relationships.

  1. Clients & Partners: Phone a Friend

Acts of service do not have to be monetary gifts. In fact, I recommend that they aren’t. Going above and beyond to make someone’s day easier is what this strategy is all about. Phoning a friend is a great way you can serve without giving a monetary gift. When a friend, partner, or client is looking to fill a roll in their business, offer to connect them with some people who might be good fits for their business. Be careful who you vouch for; their reputation will become your reputation.

  1. Clients & Partners: Social Shout Outs

So many businesses put content out online but have a hard time getting traction with their audience. Do them a favor and hit “share” on social media. Linking back to their site shows that you’re willing to put your own online presence and reputation on the line to help their business grow. Remember, when they are successful, you are too.

  1. Employees & Clients: Sponsored Lunches

Throughout any era of history, breaking bread is one of the most common to resolve conflict or build community. If so many generations before us have found success with this act, why wouldn’t you add that same solution to your business?

Some of the best memories you can make, and the strongest relationships are built over a meal. So invite your team, partners, and clients. We all have one thing in common, we all need to eat— and dare I say, everyone loves free food—so making the experience enjoyable, is definitely an act of service.

  1. Clients & Partners: Letting Companies Host an Event At Your Business

If you have a conference room that can seat fifty and it’s not being used Monday night at 7 pm, offer that space to your clients to host an event. One of the costliest aspects of event planning is finding a location that fits your needs within your budget – especially for a tight turnaround.

  1. Clients: Free Before the Fee

Offering services before charging a fee can show dedication. Because there is no price tag associated with the task, your client will feel that you are invested in the success of their business. Because of this, they are likely to give you real, paying business because they already know your intentions are pure.

By serving companies and employees in areas of their lives that don’t directly relate with your business, builds loyalty and helps to promote good will.

  1. Clients, Employees, Partners: Listen

While it sounds like the easiest thing to accomplish, many people struggling with listening. Listen not just to hear, but to understand—step in their shoes and understand the struggles, challenges, and pain points of your clients, employees, and partners. In most cases, people aren’t hiding, they will openly tell you things about their lives that can guide you to the right strategy to serve them. While it may not be as common for someone to exactly tell you how they need to be helped, they can give you a deeper understanding into what would make the most impact on their life.

While we highly encourage acts of selflessness here at Keyser, it’s important to be smart about who and when you serve. Don’t give everything you have until you bleed. Act with the intention to help, give when you can, think hard about solutions, but don’t put yourself or your business in a bad situation just to help. Opportunities to serve will constantly arise. Your opportunity is out there, you just need to listen to hear it’s call.