Selfless Service As A Business Strategy

Selfless Service As A Business Strategy

Selfless Service As A Business Strategy

Selfless Service is the single-handed most self-interested financial strategy ever. The more you work to authentically serve your clients, the more likely they are to become your biggest endorsers in the marketplace.

The idea of service has been around for thousands of years. Countless religious leaders and gurus have taught this idea, but many business people do not embrace it. One of the primary reasons for this is that they don’t believe that service leads to money.

We founded Keyser in 2013 based on a selfless service business model. Within two years, we have already seen tremendous growth, financial success, and most importantly our reputation for service is unparalleled by anyone in the industry. Even in one of the most cut-throat, self-interested industries out there, we have put the selfless service model into action and found success in doing so. If we can do it, so can you.

Here are three simple changes that you can start implementing today at your organization.

Be authentic
Not doing what one commits to doing is a huge deficit in the business world today. When someone says, “I’ll call you next week,” or, “We should grab lunch sometime,” it is very often an empty statement or invitation. That may not seem like a big deal at the time, but when your client decides that your word is no longer valid, it is unlikely that they will remain your client for very much longer.

Alternatively, a selfless service business model is based on people who are always true to their word, because words have true power, and that should not be discounted with inauthenticity. It is a simple change you can make right now.

Make it your mission to be authentic in all things you do or say.

Make all interactions meaningful
Rather than cold calling, where you are generally selling yourself or your product by telling the person what they want to hear, mirroring their interests, and thereby being completely inauthentic, you should always attempt to make every interaction meaningful. This behavior resonates with people much more than a sales pitch.

With this in mind, you will attract clients that believe in your vision and want to work with you. These clients will be your strongest marketing tools because they will become evangelists for your brand and your mission.

Make it your goal to have every interaction be meaningful.

Only take on the right clients for your business
Bad clients are like poison and they bring everyone in the organization down. Before taking on a client, you should think first about the attitude, second about the profitability. Keep those two things in mind, and don’t be afraid of saying no to a potential client because you feel like you need the revenue.

You have to believe strongly enough in your business and your people to not take on a client that you know you shouldn’t. Saying no will empower you and your people and will start to set a tone in the market that you do not just take on anyone as a client, which will lead to more business.

Prepare for change
Shifting to a selfless service business strategy is not an easy or short process. You will likely be mocked, and told it is an unrealistic and fruitless venture. We’ve heard it all. Rather than let those opinions deter you, start with just three simple changes to start the transformation to a selfless-service mindset for your organization.